An award-winning director, writer, and producer of films, web series, and digital content.  And acting coach. I love actors deeply. Currently developing my first feature film project, BACK THE WAY SHE CAME (Finalist at Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021). I'm based in New York, and work here, in Los Angeles, and wherever else a shoot takes me. 


I'm dedicated to highlighting perspectives that have been historically excluded from the narrative conversation, and aim to do so in a way that feels as natural as it is to encounter people with experiences different from our own. E.g. not preachy but seeking to dissolve the "otherness" often ascribed to marginalized groups. I myself identify as queer. I gravitate towards dark comedy and satire that bends towards the absurd. 

(Here I am pretending to smoke a tampon on set for PREMENSTRUAL MARGOT.)